The Terraces of the Ocean

Dans un lieu inédit et rare, au pied de la dune et à deux pas de l’océan. Nous sommes ravis de vous présenter notre nouveau projet, les Terrasses de l’Océan à Mimizan Plage.

Enjoy a great opportunity to become a beach owner.
Découvrez, ce nouveau programme de 26 appartements, du T2 au T4, prolongés par de grandes terrasses idéalement exposées.
Treat yourself to a breath of fresh air and scenery overlooking the ocean, the dune, and the forest.

    The apartments will be delivered raw inside to allow buyers to customize their future home.

    The property will be entirely renovated externally:
    - New exterior joinery with double glazing (included entrance door)
    - Arrival of water, electricity and telephone, individual to each dwelling
    - Common parts rehabilitated
    - Access and tarmac parking

    Our partner will be able to offer you an accompaniment for the follow-up of the interior works if you do not wish or can not take care of it.

    Pros : 

    Opportunities in Mimizan 

    Apartments from T2 to T4

    Sublime location 50 meters from the beaches

    Large sunny terraces

    Possible realization of land deficit in case of rental

    One parking space per apartment

    Private terraces

    Few common areas


    Mimizan-Plage (40200), Rue du Vieux Marché 350 meters from the ocean, 1 hour from Bordeaux Airport and 30 minutes from the nearest train station.

    Commercialisation Terminée